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The Range Collective, LLC: Your College and Career Readiness Partner

What Is College/Career Readiness? 

The Range Collective is a college and career readiness service that helps students and young adults develop a tangible plan for a meaningful future as defined by the client's goals. We are dedicated to helping our clients identify and showcase their strengths upon which they can build future plans. Our process consists of creating and building a solid profile for college admissions.  We use the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) to provide a foundation for our client's strengths to be realized and honed, allowing for an alignment between the individual's

natural abilities and future career choices.

Reach out for a free 30-minute virtual consultation! 

Kaylyn - New Orleans, LA


When I think of Mrs. Leanna, my mind always takes me back to the day I participated in a regional oratorical competition. She coached me on how to effectively get my message across

with enthusiasm and confidence. After winning 3rd place in the competition, I vividly remember her congratulating me. She has continued to work with me, up until I left for college, and she still checks in. Mrs. Leanna is a hardworking and dedicated educator who truly cares for the students she works with and wants them to succeed. When she sees potential, she will work with you and pull it out of you. She has helped me to understand the statement/impact I wanted to make in my community, as well as how to effectively deliver that statement, whether it be through my career or in my community, with confidence.

PJ - Atlanta, GA

Morehouse College

Preparing for college is a daunting task. Ms. Leanna Range-Norwood gave me excellent guidance and advice that helped me get into one of my target colleges!

Meet the Consultant

Leanna has been a Highlands Ability Battery Consultant for five years. She began her career in education as a Regional Admissions Counselor for The University of Mississippi and has supported college admissions for two decades. She is a life member of The University of Mississippi Alumni Association, and immediate past chair of the School of Education Alumni Advisory Board.


Leanna currently works to help build better futures for adults with autism by providing workforce readiness skills and support. She is an Associate Member of the Independent Educational  Consultants Association (IECA).



Unlock Your Peak Potential with Range Collective, LLC - Your Pathway to College and Career Success through the Highlands Ability Battery 

The Range Collective is a college and career readiness service that helps students and their families understand how to navigate the college application process. We offer a personalized approach to each student's academic journey by providing an in-depth Highlands Ability Battery profile to uncover their natural abilities. We strive to instill confidence in each student by providing a foundation for developing a student profile for understanding their learning preferences and provide essential study skills.

The service is designed to provide the tools to build a successful future. Whether you’re just beginning to think about college or already in the process of submitting applications, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your individual needs.


(includes 2-hour follow-up and

3 coaching sessions)

Watch this 3-min video

Learning Preferences and Study Skills: Expanding the Range of Possibilities for a Successful Future

The Range Collective is dedicated to helping high school students reach their full potential. Our team of experienced college and career readiness coaches provides guidance on study skills, learning preferences, note-taking techniques, transferable tech and interview skills, and summer planning. We also help students create and develop a portfolio of their work and experiences, setting them up for success in their future admissions and application endeavors.

We strive to empower high schoolers and help them reach their highest potential. Our mission is to provide the necessary tools, resources, and support needed to help students reach their goals while learning how to navigate high school.

$200 (3 sessions) 


Explore Your Future & Unlock Your Potential with Range Collective - Preparing You for College and Career Success

At The Range Collective, we’re passionate about helping students realize their full potential and find success after high school. We provide customized college and career readiness services based on the Highlands Ability Battery profile, helping students find their strengths and interests in order to make informed decisions about their future.

Our services also include helping students understand the college application process, as well as scholarship interview preparations. We strive to make the transition to college as smooth and successful as possible. With our guidance, students can find the path that best fits their abilities.





$225 (3 sessions)

Book a Free Consultation

To get started, book a free 30-minute consultation with the consultant. During your consultation, you'll get the opportunity to ask questions, discuss our services and payment plans and discuss specific college and career readiness goals. We'll also provide you with personalized advice and resources to help you reach your goals. Book your consultation now and start taking control of your college and career readiness journey.

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