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Research Madness

It's fall, and I am in the throes of research. Many of you know I am a doctoral student at Baylor University seeking an EdD in Learning and Organizational Change. I have just completed Chapter 2 of my Problem of Practice, "Self-Perceptions of Adults with Autism Seeking Competitive Integrated Employment through the Lens of Self-Determination Theory: A Qualitative Single Case Study". This activity got me do we teach high school and college students to do research?

I will become an expert (so my faculty advisor says) in qualitative research by graduation on May 17, 2025. If your children or students you love need help with research papers, reach out. I will support them in organizing and planning their document, explicitly learning to use Zotero, a research document planning and citation tool. Zotero and I have become BFFs, as well as Grammarly.

Happy Fall, y'all!


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This added rigor from your academic pursuit sounds cutting edge. Keep it up!

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